We only accept professional images that will fit in with the aesthetic of Mooi Leefstyl. Please carefully read through our image specifications below before sending your images to us.

  • Send between 35 and 80 images.
  • 3 000 px wide in JPG format.  Minimum size we will accept for publishing.
  • Send single images without borders, logos, layouts and text.
  • The photographer will be credited.
  • Send the images via WeTransfer to and use your business name as the filename.

Please note:  We only feature high-quality images and lifestyle of nature .  No stock and phone images will be accepted for editorial features.  If you need a professional photographer, please contact us and we will gladly make a recommendation.


Send your answers in a Word-document or per e-mail to  Use your business name as the e-mail subject.  Do not send us a PDF document, we will decline this. Please read through the below specifications before answering the questions.

  • All answers should be answered in Afrikaans.  If you cannot write in Afrikaans, please supply the answers in English.  Do not Google translate your answers please.
  • All answers should be answered in the third person.
  • Maximum of 200 words per answer.
  • Include a credit list if we need to credit anyone specific like a photographer etc.
  • Please include the website links and e-mail addresses of everyone we should credit.




  • Who is the owner/founder and when was the business established?
  • What is the story and inspiration behind your business name?
  • Where do you find inspiration to create your products?
  • How many different products do you have?  Give us an idea of what products you have available?
  • Where can our readers buy your products?
  • What is your most popular product?
  • Are all your products locally manufactured?  If yes, where?   Give us a bit of a story behind the production process.
  • Where can Mooi Leefstyl’s readers follow you on social media (include all your social media links as well as website link)
  • How can Mooi Leefstyl’s readers contact you?
  • Article credits:  If you would like us to credit anyone else in the article, please send us their business names and links.  Include credits for photographers and models please.
  • If you have any more questions or information you want to add, please do not hesitate to add it to your answers and we will gladly include it in the article.
  • Can you recommend any other businesses you think we should feature on Mooi Leefstyl?